Scout & Cellar Wine


Sustainability doesn’t just stop at the food that we applies to our wine as well!

Winemaking is an ancient (and somewhat complex) practice that has grown into a 219.9 billion dollar industry, but as it has grown, so have the issues with the quality of the wines on grocery shelves. Much of what is available to us now for our friendly gatherings is loaded with insecticides, added sugars, and additives, like ‘Mega Purple’, or Ferrocyanide.

In the past five years we have seen a significant rise in sustainable farming, and a greater value put on food that we know has been raised or grown in the healthiest way possible.

You are all about reading the ingredient lists on the back before you check out at the grocery store, so why should you be any less inquisitive about the wine you buy?

The wine industry in America is booming, but what is it really that lurks in the majority of these “fine wines”?

Along with nutrient-poor soil, many wine producers are plumping up their wines with added sugars, “balancing agents”, and acidifiers. For millennia, we have depended on nature’s bounty to provide us with the means necessary to create a fantastic glass of wine.

But in an effort to meet the rising demands, many wine makers have let quality slide into aisles filled with generic blends that could be putting a lot more pressure on our bodies than we should be comfortable with.

One such producer is taking Texas by storm with her sustainably-produced wines, and it’s been solving a lot of morning headaches for folks in the DFW area.

Sarah Shadonix is on a mission to create the cleanest possible wine because she wanted to alleviate the same “morning after” suffering that many people experience with drinking wine. For some people, drinking wine on a whole can result in a next-morning-migraine, but drinking one glass and having a migraine the next day isn’t how it should be.


Once Sarah realized it was the quality of the wine that was contributing to her morning migraines, she set out on a mission to solve the problem: start a sustainable wine business.

By choosing wine that is grown in a conscious way, using only the purest of methods, we are giving our bodies a break from having to process the multitude of additives and chemicals found in the majority of wines.

That is why ROCK is now partnering up with Scout and Cellar, a sustainable wine source for the DFW area.

We know that the way our food is raised or grown is vital to our health, so when it comes to wanting to kick back with our friends and family, why wouldn’t we ask questions about the quality of our wine?

ROCK being one of the most trusted resources for sustainably-grown food here in the DFW area, we thought it was about time that we offered an equally sustainable wine to pair with your clean farm fresh foods.

We want our members to experience how wine is meant to taste, and to enjoy gatherings without having to experience the consequences of headaches.