ROCK Farmers Market - Trial Membership



ROCK Farmers Market Buyers Club is a private membership association that seeks to connect families to local farmers across the region.  The ROCK  Family is made up of people just like you in the DFW and surrounding areas.

ROCK Farmers Market Buyers Club works closely with local farmers and cottage industries to build an economy where real people care for the land and resources.

The ROCK Family is a community of good-hearted folks, helping feed families clean, organic, local farm fresh foods in our community. 


ROCK provides the busy working family the access to local farm fresh food without the hours of driving around to each farm. ROCK works closely with farmers in the DFW area to build a real food economy that renews and respects our earth.  Members of the ROCK Family have access to the best in local and regional foods. 


What does being a part of

The ROCK Family mean?


Each member and their family is an integral part of the ROCK community and mission.  As a community, each member of ROCK comes together to provide a way of returning to a model where people can connect directly with their food, and where farmers enjoy the largest portion of the monies that people pay for their food.


How does this work?

1.  The ROCK ordering period operates in 2 week ordering cycles.  Members have the ability to choose from local Meet Up locations or Deliver. 
To learn more about our Meet Up locations click ---> HERE
To Learn more about our ordering cycle, you must first be approved for your our FREE general membership account.

2. ROCK offers a FREE General Membership and a VIP Membership which is $50.00 per year.

The General Membership does not have access to dairy products like goats and cows milk. 

ROCK VIP Members get access to dairy products like goats and cows milk.  Other benefits include: VIP Members get a reduce price on all items, no handling fee per order, has first access to products that are in limited quantities.


Get the 2 Week Trial VIP Membership by simply providing: