Who is Rock Farmers Market


At Rock, we understand buying clean, organic food can be difficult.  Large grocery chains don't offer good options for clean eating, and what they do offer isn't good quality food.

Rock wants to help you feed your family the BEST possible food!  We work directly with local farmers sourcing only the best meats, dairy, and pantry items.  We do all the research for you so you can know the food your feeding your family is the best you can possibly get.  Rock provides your family access to local farm fresh food without the hours of driving around to each farm. 



How Does This Work?

The Rock ordering period operates in 2 week ordering cycles.  Ordering is open for a week and then deliveries are made on the Friday and Saturday the week ordering closes. 


It's that easy! 

Join the Dairy Club!

The Dairy Club gives you access to milk and other dairy items, free delivery on orders over $35, and access to our exclusive collection of clean wine options!  The dairy club is $50/year and not something you want to miss!