K Bar K Beef

K Bar K is located in Pottsboro and operated by Scott Gaylon, a rancher dedicated to raising cows humanely on over 1300 acres of land.

Their beef is not only grass-fed, but also grass-finished. Many of the "grass-fed" items on the market are not truly grass-fed. It is common practice to feed cows grain at the end of their life in order to fatten them up, therefore yielding more meat and more profit for the rancher. K Bar K's cows are grass-fed until the end.

Their beef comes from several generations of K Bar K cows, not from sale barns. Some farms and ranchers will purchase cows from a sale barn, raise it fora few months on their land, and then sell it as their own. Even if they treat the cows well during those months, there is no way of knowing what the cow ate or enduring before it was auctioned off at the salebarn. K Bar K's cows are born and raised on the ranch!

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