Garden Variety Organics

Garden Variety Organics began in Waxahachie, Texas in 2006 with the sole mission of creating delicious produce without harming the surrounding land or wildlife. The five-acre farm grows a variety of crops, from okra and melons to peas, onions, peppers, and tomatoes. In 2018, GVO built a 1,500 square-foot greenhouse to grow tomatoes in the winter when local tomatoes are rare. The greenhouse has allowed the farm to concentrate its growing space, reap a large harvest of fruits from February to June, and leave more land to the birds, butterflies, bees, rabbits, and coyotes that live on the acreage.
GVO uses no herbicides or insecticides -- not even organic ones -- and considers the health of pollinators to be its top priority. Grower Marshall Hinsley says, "More than anything else, my goal is to create a sustainable source of local fruits and vegetables. If I can't find a way to grow a crop without using poisons, I just won't grow it."

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